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Newlight Capital, LLC provides financing to companies with valuable intellectual property (IP) portfolios. With an estimated 80% of corporate net worth now residing in the value of intangible assets, Newlight helps recognize and unlock the financial potential of a firm's intellectual property.

By focusing exclusively on intellectual property, we have developed an unparalleled understanding of this unique asset class, and are acknowledged as an industry leader in the creation of diverse and innovative financing solutions. Our customized hybrid debt structures allow investors to enjoy returns comparable to that of an equity investment, without the credit and default risk normally associated with high yield debt.

From structuring collateralized financings for companies with pre-commercialized products, to leveraging the revenue streams generated by a firm's intellectual property assets, our management team's collective experience in executing IP based transactions is unprecedented. We have designed IP structures across the credit continuum - runway debt, IP venture debt, subordinated debt, blended second lien debt, senior secured debt and royalty securitization. Newlight is without equal in its ability to design and finance non-cash flowing asset backed transactions and in its experience in executing IP based royalty securitization.

As our relationships span a diversified spectrum of debt investors - including pension funds, insurance companies, financial institutions and investment funds - we are able to selectively access capital that matches the financing requirements of issuers with the risk/return profile sought by investors.

At Newlight we are committed to helping position a company's most important asset - its intellectual property - as leverage for financial growth and development.

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